Literacy software

Is your current Literacy Management software:

  • No longer supported
  • Extremely difficult to extract information from
  • Utilizing an excessively slow web-based interface
  • Difficult to use and understand
  • Incurring significant monthly fees - forever
  • Storing your data in some unknown remote location
  • Displaying little pieces of your data on many, many small hard-to-read screens

If you answered yes to any of these issues (or all of them), then let us help you-
Switch to
Matrix Literacy Program Management Software
Our software is based on Microsoft® technology and designed for
Literacy, Even Start, Head Start and other Non-Profit Organizations

For a demonstration, please send us an email or call our toll-free number




- Performance Indicators
- ABE, ESL level gains
- Goal Attainment
- Promotion/Attendance
- Demographic Charts
- Member Lists
- Hours by type
- Labels
- Tutor Management
- Partners in Reading
- Child Observation Records
- Health Screening

and Many, Many more...

Sample Family Screen for Even Start Software
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